WooCommerce Cart Expiration Plugin

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Control the lifespan/expiration time of a customer’s Woocommerce cart. This plugin gives you total control over how long a customer’s cart will be saved in your Woocommerce installation.

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Control the expiration of your WooCommerce user’s carts.

Woocommerce does not offer any control over how long a customer’s shopping cart will be saved. This plugin changes this and gives you total control of you user’s cart expiration time.


  • Set an expiry/expiration time to control a customer’s cart’s lifespan
  • Set a refresh time to control how often a customer’s expiry time is updated
  • Integrates with the default Woocommerce control panel
  • Full multi-site and single site compatibility
  • Full support offered from our expert WordPress and Woocommerce support team

Woocommerce cart lifespan expiry plugin
Woocommerce cart lifespan expiry plugin


Q. Why would I need to control the expiration time of my user’s WooCommerce cart?

A. By default, WooCommerce will clear your users cart after 24 hours of inactivity and there is no way to control this within the WordPress system. Each web store is different and you may have visitors who do not return to your site for long periods of time and you want to set a longer expiry time for their carts. Likewise, you may want to set a shorter expiration time for your user’s carts. This plugin allows you to have fine grained control over how long your user’s carts are kept before expiring.

Q. How do I control my WooCommerce cart expiration settings?

After purchasing and installing the plugin, open your WooCommerce Settings page. The input fields for control of your cart’s expiration time are at the bottom of the “General” tab.

Q. Can I use this plugin on a WooCommerce multisite installation?

A. Yes! We designed and built this plugin to work on both single and multisite installations of WooCommerce.

Q. Do you offer technical support to help me get this plugin up and running on my site?

A. Yes. If you are experiencing difficulties getting this plugin running or have any feedback or suggestions for improvement, please get in touch with use at support@mtrl.co.uk.

Plugin Updates

January 17th 2019 v1.1

+ Updates to plugin to allow cart and session expiration time to be set to times less than an hour. E.g. 5 minutes. Deactivate,  reactivate the plugin and update the plugin session times to enable this update.

+ Fix for deprecated definition of  PHP constants.

3 reviews for WooCommerce Cart Expiration Plugin

  1. Danial Smits (verified owner)

    A really simple plugin that does exactly what we want. Mark was really quick to reply to an installation question we had and we had the plugin up and running within an hour! Thanks 🙂

  2. Kevin (verified owner)

    I have purchased your plugin 🙂
    In the settings there are two areas to fill.
    1. Cart Refresh Time (Hours)
    2. Cart Lifespan (Hours)

    What is the first input asking for and what does it mean

    Thank you so kindly 🙂
    Have a great day and warm wishes

    • mtrlshopadmin

      Hi Kevin. Thanks for your purchase. Here’s an explanation of the fields in the cart expiration plugin settings. You can also see these in the tooltips shown alongside the plugin setting fields.

      Cart Refresh Time (Hours)
      This is the refresh time for your customer’s cart. If a customer visits your site within this many hours since the previous visit and the value entered in the cart expiry time, the cart expiry time will be updated to a time in the future determined by the value in the “Cart Lifespan” field.

      Cart Lifespan (Hours)
      This value is how many hours a customer’s cart will be saved for. If a customer visits your site within the number of hours specified in the “Cart Refresh Time” field since the last visit, their cart expiry time will be refreshed to this many hours in the future.

  3. Blair

    Hi, I’m interested in your cart expiry plugin, but it doesn’t seem to be available? Is there another way I can get it?


    • Mark

      Hi Blair. We have updated the plugin for the latest version of WooCommerce and WP and it is available in the store again now.

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